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Course Descriptions

Ethics, Professional Conduct and Legal Aspects of Real Estate
This course covers ethics, professional conduct, and legal aspects of real estate, including enforcement of real estate law, examples of unlawful conduct, discrimination, other state laws and regulations, federal rules and more.
Covers the existence, the creation, the effects of agency; relationship, and statutory duties of the agent, agency liabilities, agency contracts, and agency relationships in modern brokerage practice, including a review of duties, disclosures and confidences in each.
Trust Fund Accounting & Handling
Covers trust fund accounting and handling, including a background of trust funds, managing trust fund bank accounts, maintaining accounting records, reconciling balances of accounting records, documentation requirements, what to expect in an audit or examination, and recording transactions. Also includes twelve simulated DRE trust account forms, entries and reports.
Fair Housing
Course covers the Federal Fair Housing Act, the Civil Rights Acts, Americans with Disabilities Act, California Fair Employment and Housing Act, DRE Commissioner's regulations 2780-2782, the Equal Credit Opportunity Act, the Housing Financial Discrimination Act of 1977, and more.
Risk Management for Real Estate Professionals
This course explains the concept of risk as it relates to the business of real estate. It describes the types of risk that real estate professionals will encounter - economics risk, property market risk, and professional and public liability risk. The course covers proper contract preparation and state regulations regarding the handling of trust funds. All required disclosures are presented and explained. The course details the duties of license real estate agents with respect to the law of agency, advertising, fair housing, privacy issues, and anti-trust issues. Finally, agents are made aware of predatory lending in home mortgage lending practices.
Selling Business Opportunities in California, Part 1 & 2
These two courses, totaling 27 hours of "consumer protection" credit for renewal of a California real estate license (salesperson or broker), is part of the continuing education requirement. Covers business opportunities and the real estate licensee, how to obtain an authorization to sell a business opportunity, establishing value, financial statements, customers, bulk sales law, allocation of purchase price, corporate sales, alcoholic beverage control licenses, escrow, doing business in California, business taxes, discrimination and more.
Mortgage Lending, Parts 1 & 2
These two courses, totaling 27 hours of "consumer protection" credit for renewal of a California real estate license (salesperson or broker), is part of the continuing education requirement. Traces significant changes in mortgage lending as the real estate markets and sources of financing have changed over the last 60 years. No prior experience with mortgage lending is required to understand these courses. Included are chapters on: The Mortgage Market; Types of Loans; The Real Property Contract and Escrow; The Lending Process; Title Insurance; Closing and Property Transfers; Real Estate Economics; FHA and VA Lending; Mortgage Brokers and Wholesale Lending; Financial and Mathematical Concepts of Mortgage Lending; Regulatory Compliance; Ethics in Mortgage Lending; and Mortgage Lending in California.
Real Estate Management and Supervision
This three-hour course offers extensive coverage of broker management and supervision practices to comply with the provisions of California's Business and Professions Code, as well as the regulations of the Real Estate Commissioner. It provides guidance on how to manage and supervise real estate offices, salespersons, and broker associates. Students will review management practices in general, the accountability of brokers for their salespersons through the common law of agency, and the policies, rules, procedures, and systems that will help ensure compliance with California law regulating brokers and salespersons.

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